Sara Nystrom

Sara Nystrom - Sweden

Topic - Become a True Master in Communication. Unlock the Secrets of How to Read Peoples’ Emotions, Increase Your Charisma and Have More Impact
Date – December 10

Sara Nystrom comes from Sweden, but considers herself a world citizen at heart. Her true passions in life are communication, people and building relations.

Sara is the Executive Director of Center for Body Language, the world’s #1 Body Language Training for Business that has trained more than 100 000 people and has more than 450 trainers and 20 partners around the world. She is also the founder and Managing Director of Impact Pro and the co-founder of HeartSmart Business Growth.

Sara is a certified Body Language Master Trainer and Micro Expressions Trainer, Certified Impact Coach and Licensed Mental Trainer. She has an extensive experience in communication from various sectors (tourism, diplomacy, government & leadership), has an abundant life and working experience from around the globe and speaks 8 languages. Sara regularly gives trainings to companies in Sweden and around the world. She recently also gave a training at the UN.

Sara is driven by a strong desire to make the world a better place by sharing her knowledge and insights. She is currently developing a new formula that aims at helping women around the world to speak their voice and become powerful, impactful and charismatic communicators that ‘get what they want and are liked’.

Session Outcome:

Did you know that a great part of your communication is subconscious and that your thoughts, actions, emotions and Body Language are deeply interconnected? Are you aware of that you can train your ability to read other peoples’ emotions? That you can actually increase your Emotional Intelligence? Through this training Body Language Master Trainer, Sara Nystrom, will reveal tips that will make you a true Superstar in communication. This will bring you more success in your professional as well as your personal life, be it as a leader, in sales & negotiation or with your family and life partner. Your life will never be the same again!