Rose Dinah Mesalucha-V

Rose Dinah Mesalucha V - Philippines

Topic - 10 Plus 1 Success Equations Reframing Pandemic Challenges
Date – December 05
A Teacher

Rose Dinah Mesalucha – Verzosa, a teacher – writer for 11 years who defines her profession as: “teaching as universe and writing as comfort zone”.

She is passionate in tackling life, faith and academics, with freedom and motivation to express herself and educate people through reflective and active learning. Beginning her career as a civil – servant, she once taught in Alternative Learning System as a volunteer teacher; an editor – in – chief of “The Workers”, the City Schools Division Official Newsletter and a volunteer writer for various community engagement projects. She is a guest lecturer/speaker in seminars and workshops, and several women development activities.

Currently, she works as the Chief Content Officer of iShare Online Publishing Bookstore; and because her heart revels in touching more people’s lives, she enrolled in life coaching courses and became a Certified Life Skills and Self – Discovery Coach of iHelp Coaching and Business Solutions and a Certified REBT Life Coach in Brave Souls’ Life Coaching Services.

She believes that brave people are those whose souls are unafraid to do self-critique, self – improvement and self – motivation to do greater things untold, such as being genuine in putting love into words, desiring to be read all over the world; and make self –assurance that everything is possible with the Almighty’s grace.

She is a Filipina. Filipinos are known to be resilient in various challenges and storms of life and from her country she rises to face a wider audience, let her heart speak on the topic “10 Plus 1 Success Equations Reframing Pandemic Challenges”.

Session Outcome:

The Talk

“10 Plus 1 Success Equations Reframing Pandemic Challenges”

With cameras rolling, COVID – 19 has embarked on creating its global exposure while billions of people around the world got listed in anecdotal records: some are dead already, others are recuperating, and a greater number of people experience increasing negative thoughts and feelings, problems in sleep and concentration; and unexpected emotional turmoil, workforce instability, trauma and anxiety on the escalating safety and health risks, transition challenges in the academe, gender abuse, downplay in the government because of politics and a lot more. What roles do you wish to play?

People have already been faring with different life challenges even before this pandemic. For years, people have always believed that overcoming global challenges as the Covid – 19 pandemic, rely on the kind of leadership governments use to strategize and initiate efforts to mitigate emerging threats and create best practices to re-establish the normalcy of life. Regardless of status, age, gender, educational attainment, race, ethnicity, religion, culture, and language…all people navigate the challenges of the pandemic and define each challenge according to what is perceived, what is observed and seen from others. Sometimes this becomes a status quo, people just simply go by the usual practices, unafraid to respond considering change and the attitude of going beyond the usual norms.  We are all capable to face even the challenges that seep in our lives. In a larger scale we can hold some extreme event dealing life with the top – secrets champions create for themselves, heroes live for and victims of crisis call as wisdom, why?…because they no longer create solutions to life equations based on ignorance but on experience. Many times we’ve seen brick walls. Brick walls are there for reasons. If you’ve scaled walls before, you did it then and you can absolutely do it now. Regardless of the difference you encounter between crisis faced, they are the whys behind the power we derive from the “10 Plus 1 Success Equations Reframing Pandemic Challenges”Nothing seems unachievable!