Raza Khan

Raza Khan - Pakistan

Topic - Overcoming Limiting Beliefs
Date – December 13

CEO at a technology company called EGNITE-IT Ltd & Sage-Mentor Ltd | Certified Knowledge Broker | EQ Assessor| Certified-Brian Profiler | Leadership & Mindset Coach | Mentor & Speakers


Raza is a technology evangelist and a Coach with a successful track record in delivering transformation projects and programs in financial services, insurance, banking, law, consulting, public & FTSE-250 corporate sectors.

Raza has a passion for using training, education & technology to improve an organisation’s culture, implement best practices and result-oriented change over the past 20+ years


Raza is a multicultural expert in managing offshore teams. Known for inculcating visionary ideas with innovative analogies & brainstorming, Raza possesses an engaging training, coaching, facilitation, and presentation skills. Being a frequent speaker at international seminars, webinars – Raza talks on Overcoming Limiting Beliefs, Anxiety and help people build eMotional Muscle to manage their emotion & triggers.


Raza has a passion for coaching and helping people overcoming their limiting beliefs and help them to Be the Magic in their personal & professional life.


Trained as personal & Professional coach by the Coaching Academy –

Trained by Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi Knowledge base blueprint Academy.

ILM trained trainer


Finance & Communications- Harvard Business school

Strategy – Case Management school


Session Outcome:

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs


  • Deal with what’s holding you back from making different choices in your life
  • Deal with what’s keeping you from seeing different opportunities presented to you each day.
  • Deal with what’s preventing you from seeing your gifts or accepting the gifts offered to you.
  • Deal with what’s keeping you stuck, focusing on the negative aspect of your circumstances