Michael Fekry George

Michael Fekry George - Egypt

Topic - Take a U-turn for a Happier, Balanced & Meaning Life
Date – December 11

Life Coach / Corporate Trainer

Certified Happiness Coach

NLP & CBT Practitioner

Michael has engineering background with 14 years of experience in Construction and Real Estate industry , Currently Holding the position of Facility Manager at Mountain View for Real Estate .

Holding Master degree in Business Administration (MBA) from  ESLSCA – Paris,  with  a seminar thesis about  “ Effect of Happiness in achieving business objectives “  .

Having this engineering analytical background with the understanding of the business side and operations helped  him designing special coaching and training sessions to increase employee performance and productivity .

His Higher Purpose is helping people having Happier, Balanced, Meaningful life by sharing  knowledge and life experience , Conducting Coaching sessions , training programs for corporate to implement a culture of happiness and positive work environment .


Session Outcome:

2020 has been a tough year for all of us around the world, we all started the year with good expectations but unfortunately a pandemic took place and we all got locked down . this pandemic highly effected our thoughts , our emotions , and   our behaviors …

Its was really a tough year 2020  that made people  worry and questioning themselves

oh ! what about 2021 ?!!

Let me tell you 2021 will be as per your expectations… what you expect for 2021 is exactly what will happen to you . isn’t the correct time now in December to start over and take the coming U-TURN .. for having a better 2021 … slide your steering gear.. right .. left .. whatever you choose and take the coming U -Turn Don’t miss the U-Turn Please only a few weeks  remaining  in 2020 utilize them as much as possible .

What’s the U-Turn ?

What will happened after taking the U-Turn ?

How to take the U-Turn ?

What if you missed the U-Turn ?

If you want to discover the answers of this questions ?!  and Design your own unique  U-Turn don’t miss my speech on 11th of December 2020 , as a part of for a Better 2021 Symposium.