Leena Bansal

Leena Bansal - France

Topic - Mindfulness for Building Personal & Professional Strength
Date – December 04

Inspire. Be inspired. Be an inspiration-giver.

That has been the motto of my journey over the last 20+ years.

From starting a fashion house to then branching out into coaching and empowering entrepreneurs; it’s been a journey I’ve been blessed to go through.

Being born and brought up in India, having lived in India, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland and currently residing in France – life has taken me to places, challenged me, and made me think out of the box constantly.

As an entrepreneur of 11 years, working with people in 14 different nationalities and a newly-inducted coach, my mission is to transform the way budding minds think of the world, business, and themselves. Through the coaching sessions, I envision them working towards a better self, in every aspect of their life. My role as a coach is to guide them towards a path that they are satisfied with, and one that they want, but are struggling to attain for whatever reason.

I’m a coach that will believe in you, so you can be the best version of you and achieve your dreams – with a little bit of guidance and helping to find your own path.

The reason I’m passionate about entrepreneurs is that I have been in your shoes, I too struggled while setting up IndiBala, and my experience setting up and running a unique business might act as a catalyst of growth to someone else.

Through an entrepreneur’s journey, there will certainly be struggles, and for every struggle, there is a solution.

Session Outcome:

Our goal is to share a wealth of combined expertise from around the world, and deliver it in a consumable format that will prepare all of us to thrive in 2021 and beyond.

A glimpse of few Topics

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2. Carrier break through across Culture

3. Mindfulness for building personal Strength

4. Mindset transformation : Unlock new Opportunities

5. How to break Negative Pattern

6. GPS to find Destination

7. Emotional Intelligence : Manage within to Manage Others

& many more …..