El J. Pela

El J. Pela - Nigeria

Topic - Practical Time Management Skills for Personal Work-life Balance
Date – December 06

El J. Pela is a Renowned Life Coach, Corporate Trainer, Filmmaker, Intl Conference Speaker and Serial Entrepreneur who is committed to Nation- Building, Research, Personal & Professional Development, Development of Sustainable Business, Leadership, Church Administration, Management Model Development that inspires individual and organisational productivity par Excellence with a Trans- Generational .El J. Pela is the Founder/ CEO of ONSITE TRAINING PRO, a Mgt Training, Consulting, firm based in Lagos, Nigeria. He is also a prolific writer who has authored several self-Help books like Laws of Productivity, Expressions of Love, Top 5% Leadership Skills, Becoming a World Class- Phenomenon, The Business Advisory Book and Achieving Personal Success etc


Session Outcome:

Learn the discipline and skills required to efficiently evaluate the use of time in getting the most out of everyday task with better prioritization, planning, more organization and productivity in a smarter way both at work and at home.

Do you procrastinate, often behind schedule, feeling rushed, lack control and always under pressure to deliver?

Course Aims:
This course introduces time management skills, tools and techniques that enables delegates to effectively manage their time and feel more in control. It focuses on helping our clients identify areas of their job where time could be maximized and the necessary actions to solving the problems discovered.

In the course of the training, participants will:
✓Identifying their strongest time robbers and how to eliminate them
✓Identifying time management skills like delegation and assertiveness
✓Identifying scheduling skill, Planning, Goal setting and Prioritizing work effectively
✓Deliberately dealing with procrastination
✓Following Processes in time and lots more…