Allisha Ali, Ph.D

Allisha Ali, Ph.D - Belgium

Topic - Your Unique Career- How To: Be More Lead more, Live more
Date – December 14
Career Expert | Coach | Mentor

Allisha loves to see her clients surprise themselves! Allisha has combined her corporate experience, leadership expertise, coaching certifications, and a lifetime of learning and research to create ©UniqueYou Careers, a company dedicated to supporting a world-wide base of clients to find their worth, design their career journey and to become the master of their chosen path, always being ready for their next move!

Allisha also hosts interviews, trainings, workshops, seminars and delivers interactive keynotes on career management. Daring to take it to the next level, she is an author actively writing her book on “Career and Life Design”.

Session Outcome:

Your Unique Career Identity: From Passion to Possibility

Learning Objectives/Outcomes:
1. Discover the elements of Career Identity
2. Rate yourself and set aspirations for your own Unique Career Identity
3. Map your skills and create your Unique Skill Development Plan for 2021 and beyond…