20 World-Leading Coaches from 20 Countries will Deliver Training on 20 Topics During 20 Days in Order to Leave all Challenges of 2020 Behind and Help People Skyrocket into 2021


Stevie Orrill - UK

Topic – Finding and Executing your Bliss
Date - December 01

Kelvin Ng - Malaysia

Topic- Discover the magical Microsoft Office
Date - December 02

Clare Beckett McINROY - Qatar

Topic- Creative Constellations for terms and boards
Date - December 03

Leena Bansal - France

Topic - Mindfulness for Building Personal & Professional Strength
Date - December 04

Rose Dinah Mesalucha V - Philippine

Topic - 10 Plus 1 Success Equations Reframing Pandemic Challenges
Date - December 05

El J. Pela - Nigeria

Topic - Practical Time Management Skills for Personal Work-life Balance
Date - December 06

Sandipa Basnyat - Nepal

Topic- Career Breakthrough Across Cultures Through Communication
Date - December 07

Sarah Munyi - Kenya

Topic - Leverage Change For Growth

Date - December 08

Dr. Raman Gill - Canada

Topic - Mindset Transformation: Unlock New Opportunities
Date - December 09

Sara Nystrom - Sweden

Topic - Become a True Master in Communication
Date - December 10

Michael Fekry George - Egypt

Topic - Take a U-turn for a Happier, Balanced & Meaning Life
Date - December 11

Arafath Ch - India

Topic - Plan your Story for 2021
Date - December 12

Raza Khan - Pakistan

Topic - Overcoming Limiting Beliefs
Date - December 13

Allisha Ali, Ph.D - Belgium

Topic - Your Unique Career- How To: Be More Lead more, Live more
Date - December 14

Faye Lawand - New Zealand

Topic - The Psycho- Emotional Benefits of Relaxation for Challenging Times
Date - December 15

Niel Firszt - USA

Topic - Awakening to the Truth of Who You are
Date - December 16

Marcela Soler - Argentina

Topic - Flip the switch: you are in control
Date - December 17

Akufuna Muyunda - Zambia

Topic - Secret Power of Self Reflection
Date - December 18

Venkat V.M - Singapore

Topic - Emotional Intelligence: Manage within to manage others
Date -December 19

Nicole Smart - South Africa

Topic - Emotional Intelligence for Crisis Management
Date - December 20


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